Croatia: TERNA underwater power cable connection with Montenegro halted?

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Italian energy company Terna will continue project of the underwater power cable Italy-Montenegro, but with caution in terms of investments efficiency.

Matteo DelFante, Director General, statedthis after exposure in front of the Senate committee dedicated to the industry.

He pointed out that the project optimization from a technical point of view is underway, but also in terms of costs and long-term interests, recognizing that the project develops more slowly than originally planned, and transmits the news agency Aska.

The delay in the implementation of the joint project of Terna and Montenegrin Electric-Transmission System (CGES) was due to problems with the agreement on the route through the Croatian underwater.

CGES Representatives and the Italian company Terna signed the agreement on the electricity cable establishment at the end of November 2010th, which will connect the coastlines of Montenegro and Italy, and be used for the electricity transit.

Italy would solve the problem of energy deficit with this project, and country in the region would get the opportunity to export electricity to the European Union.

High voltage underwater power cable worth 720 MEUR, 300 kilometers in length under the sea and 100 kilometers on land, delayswith construction because Croatia did not approvethe cable route as long as it does not mark the areas of oil exploitation in the border zone of the Adriatic. This, according to estimates, could take several years.