Croatia: Power utility HEP entering Slovenian electricity market

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In less than a month after its appointment,new management of the Croatia Power Utility Company led by Perica Jukic was able to complete negotiations with the unions and conclude collective agreements of the group.

It was also defined the company plan based on the development of new markets and investments. Thus, it is planned investment in TPP Osijek, completion of negotiations with investors in Plomin C by 2015th, and bids collection for Senj Kosinj by the end of the year. HEP has lost a part of the market, about 6 percent from 2008th until now, and it kept 45,000 customers in the enterprise segment, including the largest companies, andabout 20,000 households contracted special tariff  Happy.

Market loss shall be refunded in Slovenia, and plan is to win also the other markets in the region.