Croatia: The Government declared TPP Plomin as strategic project

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In 2013, Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (CBRD) had a profit of 24.9 mil eur, much more than in the 2012, and consolidated revenues were 130 mil eur, expenditures 105 mil eur, while the property was 2,9 billion eur – new Finance Minister Lalovac presented the data on the operations of the state Bank.

Last year, CBRD approved 1256 loans worth in total 1.025 billion eur, he adds.
– The good thing is from that number of loans, 64 percent are approved for investments and less for working capital. The government will give 262,8 mil eur in the capital of CBRD which is more than it was done by the Government in the last 2 mandates, and it is strong momentum to CBRD. In times of crisis, it is a strong support for the financing of enterprises, especially small and medium – Lalovac explained. Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said it was the only measure of value.
One of the most important topics is and draft decision on declaring the project of reconstruction of the thermal power plant Plomin as strategic for RC. The entire project, which is already one existing block changes by Block C, because of modernization and increasing capacity, “serious” about 828 mil eur.
By modernization of power plant, the existing categories of air protection and the environment is keeping, and it helps ensuring of Croatia’s energy independence.
We received three bids by the end of August and the first phase will be completed and then follow negotiations with the investor. An efficiency of the project is 45 percent more than from other plants – it was pointed out in the Government.

Minister Branko Grcic mentioned previously declared strategic projects, such as waste management center Piskornica and Zagreb Airport.
It seems like a small number of projects, but their values are between 1.9 and 2.6 billion eur, but the actual cost will be known after the publication of tenders – Grcic said, adding that it is about “5 capital projects and I hope that they will be extra impetus to the development of the economy.”
The Government discusses strategy of Croatia’s participation in international missions and operations. That is, according to the explanation of the proposal, an important component of Croatia’s foreign, security and defense policy. Due to the specific experiences of transition and the Civil War in Croatia, that was quickly transformed itself from a recipient to a contributing force, wants to profile as a country which by participating in missions and operations abroad can contribute to the stabilization of crises.

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