Croatia, TPP Plomin could be back in operation

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The Croatian-German consortium consisting of Kemokop VPC and Goudini International Advisory has been awarded the contract for the selection of the best techniques for the use of biomass and waste or alternative fuels in decommissioned coal- fired unit A of thermal power plant Plomin.

In the tender for the contract, launched by state- owned power utility HEP, whose estimated value was 1 million euros without VAT, the consortium submitted a bid worth 540,000 euros. Two more offers came from the Croatian Ivicom Consulting (840,000 euros) and German company Steag Energy Services (880,000 euros).

The latter had appealed against HEP’s decision to award the contract to the Croatian-German consortium. However, a few days ago the Germans dropped the appeal.

TPP Plomin was the sole coal-fired thermal power plant in Croatia, consisting of two production units. The 125 MW unit A was put into operation in 1970, and its environmental permit expired on 1 January 2018. The unit received a new environmental permit in February 2019, which sets out the conditions it must meet if it wants to continue operating. As it does not meet the these conditions, unit A was shut down.

In order to put TPP Plomin A back into operation, it is necessary to select the best available technique for the use of natural gas, biomass and waste in order to contribute to the establishment of a comprehensive waste management system, reduce landfill waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills and waste utilization for energy purposes.

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