Hungary, Croatian Government is ready to expand the capacity of JANAF oil pipeline

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Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto said that the Croatian Government is ready to expand the capacity of JANAF oil pipeline to ensure that energy resources reach Hungary in emergency situations.

The deal is part of an agreement to expand long- term energy security cooperation between the countries. After talks with Croatian Minister of Economy Davor Filipovic, Minister Szijjarto said that Prime Minister Viktor Orban had successfully ensured the exemption of pipeline deliveries from the European Union’s sanctions against Russian oil.

He stressed that Hungary’s supplies are now secure, but a diversity of resources remains key to maintaining full energy security. Oil for the most part is delivered to Hungary via the Druzhba oil pipeline which passes through Ukraine and Hungary must prepare for the halt of these deliveries.

Minister Szijjarto said that expanding the capacity of JANAF pipeline would guarantee Hungary and Slovakia secure supplies. He welcomed Croatia’s readiness to do this as part of a long-term energy cooperation agreement between the two countries. Fees and capacity commissions will be discussed by Hungarian and Croatian companies later this week. The point is that the Croatian and Hungarian Governments are both ready to ensure, in the framework of long-term energy security cooperation, that the capacity needed to deliver oil supplies to Hungary is provided.

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