Croatia:Investors in wind power are blocked by procedures

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Construction licenses’ issuance for wind power plants is complicated and investors appeal to the “right fight with windmills”- Wind Power Plant “Ponikve” is the third wind plant of the same investor which constructed in Croatia and necessary documentation for it had been requested in 2001.

Croatia should produce 20% of energy from renewable energy sources by 2020, but the way of issuance necessary licenses and documentation for investors is very long and pretty discouraging.

Croatia produced little more than 14,5% of energy from renewable energy sources only three years ago but Croatian Government announces that it will produce 400 MW of electricity at least from these sources by 2015.

Wind plants are on the third place of electricity sources after small HPPs and biomass energy production.

One of wind plants is placed in Ponikve and worker Denis Ruskovic claims that his business is dangerous when he need to climb on wind generators.

But, HPPs are not difficult for maintenance because they are connected with factory in Germany which follows their work and correctness and if it comes to the breakage, report about worker need to react is being delivered by mobile message.

Not difficult for maintenance

“We have most reactions during winter because the biggest storms in this area happens during winter. This part is known for south wind and clouds so they are practically visible right now. They are not visible during winter because they are placed in the cloud and they attract thunders so electricity cancels sometimes”, Denis Ruskovic explains.

Wind plants are in danger during summer because of potential fire and visual check of each one is done 2 times a year.

Wind plants are being launched in minimal wind speed of 3,5 meters per second, 16 wind aggregates produces enough electricity yearly so it can supply around 23.000 households.

Maintenance and work in wind plants seams very simple but licenses’ issuance for their annual construction is very complex and investors appeal that “this is the real fight with windmills”.



Years for documentation

HPP Ponikve is the third wind plant of same investor who constructed on in Croatia and documents for it were required in 2001.

It is a fact that this is the third package to us which we realized and we can say how successful we were and that system functions. However, the fact is that we needed 5 years for the first project, 8 years for the second and we need 10 years for this one. The next one, if there will be one, it will probably last 11 years”, Zeljko Samardzic, investor in Wind Power Plant Ponikva says.

Two weeks for arrangement

It turned out after two months that Ministry of Energy can answer only in written form because the person in charge is on vacation.

“Renewable energy sources will still be the base for energy system development. It doesn’t mean that project development will stop and that procedures are complex. Exactly opposite, they are transparent and they insure with high quality investments (and serious investors) their completion”, Ministry answered.

Second investor in wind plant Ponikve claims that procedure is complicated.

“Unfortunately, it is difficult. There is a procedure, but it is very complicated. Bureaucracy is even more complicated- with institutions and HEP especially”, Investor Milan Antonijevic warns.

If we observe electricity price, energy buyout from wind plants for around 9 cents per KWH is more expensive than other sources.

But if we consider that Croatia imports 26% of electricity yearly that wind power plants protect environment and that they are “renewable sources a base for energy development of Croatia” like it was written in message from the Ministry and this country should have more usage than damage from these wind generators.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/SEEbiz

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