Croatian energy imports con-tinue to grow

, SEE Energy News

President of the Management Board of the Croa-tian state-owned oil transportation company JA-NAF Dragan Kovacevic said that Croatia currently imports about 57 % of required energy, adding that it is necessary to develop such economic strategy that will follow the changes on the energy market.

Kovacevic said that Croatia shifts its economic fo-cus to energy few decades late, but it is now im-portant that it follows its interests in this field, and these are: further development of country’s ener-gy potential, development of its own energy distri-bution system and becoming a part of the Europe-an energy flow.

He said that energy sector could be affected by investments, by increasing production, by intensi-fying exports and by increasing market share on the domestic market. Increasing energy efficiency is one of the most important, but also very de-manding energy goals for which accomplishment further technological development is needed as well as energy savings through new investments. Kovacevic believes that with smart investments Croatia could improve its EU ranking regarding the energy sector.