Croatia:Vrdoljak-Americans are interested in LNG and gas exploration

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U.S. investors interested in energy projects in Croatia, as well as LNG terminal on Krk island and gas exploration and production in the Adriatic Sea, said Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak after a meeting with the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Diplomacy of the United States Amos Hochstein .

Last week meeting was a continuation of the talks in April in Washington, where we presented the strategic interests and energy objectives of government, and now Amos Hochstein could be convinced that we have fulfilled everything we told that we will make in the implementation of the energy strategy in order for Croatia becomes a regional energy hub, Vrdoljak said.

According to him, the great interest of U.S. investors in the energy business in Croatia confirms the validity of the Government’s energy policy and strategy.

Asked if U.S. companies will invest in the LNG terminal on Krk island, Vrdoljak said he had spoken with representatives of many U.S. companies that are interested in the supply, construction and trade gas from LNG. He added that the next step is to build a sustainable business model and make LNG more realistic and feasible.

“Yes, they show interest, and after the Feasibility Study we are going to finalize the business model, negotiations and signing the Contract on construction,” said Vrdoljak.

When asked when LNG terminal could be built, he said he found that politics often presented unrealistic deadlines.

“LNG will be built when the business model is viable enough and when there is a need for it on the market, but we need to show that the state is efficient, fast and that we know to strategically manage our resources and potentials”, said Vrdoljak.

He added that in addition to LNG, the topic of today’s discussion was also gas exploration in the Adriatic Sea and gas pipeline IAP.

Amos Hochstein said that the discussions were good and in pursuit of good relations between the two countries.

“We specifically discussed cooperation in energy security, and about the development of an energy strategy. Talks were good and we expect its continuation,” he said.

The Croatian judiciary suspects CEO of MOL, Zsolt Hernadi, that he bribed former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader. MOL assumption, in the case of demand to give testimony, is that this is the intimidation of MOL and its leader. Ivan Vrdoljak was asked for comment, and asked how to continue the negotiation in this atmosphere of the government and MOL on INA. Ivan Vrdoljak said he will keep the Government framework for negotiations and what was agreed upon at the first meeting of the representatives of the Government and MOL.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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