Macedonia:Pipeline “South Stream”-salvation or new problem for Macedonia?

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For the opposition , the ratification of the Agreement is an adventure , and the gasification process is followed by false promises and criminal activities , which will eventually lead the country to become energy hostage to the gas supplier .

“The process of gasification has sent many false promises and criminal activities , and ratification is against the law . With it , a company will be allowed to import at preferential price , obtain procurement priority for itself defines the price , ” said Jani Makraduli SDSM .

According to members of the government coalition , the pipeline is based on partnership and not only Russian project , but the European Union and the Russian Federation , and Vice Finance Minister Adrian Dzheladini said positions of Makraduli no connection with reality and should not be underestimated project .

SDSM deputies responded to the government and therefore the discussion on this strategic project for Macedonia not present any representative thereof .

The Agreement was signed in July at intergovernmental level to join the country’s South Stream , you will first need to prepare analysis to determine the technique , economic , environmental and the financial viability of the project pipeline branch . We do not know from where it launches branch of supplying  Macedonia with Russian gas . Russian Gazprom has not yet decided whether the branch will make it through Serbia or Greece.

The plans say the pipeline ” South Stream ” should be ready by 2015, when the first volumes will flow gas to Central and Southern Europe. According to the log , the capacity will be 63 billion cubic meters per year or 14 percent of the total needs of Europe .

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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