Croatia:Wind park Fuzine cancelled due to the green activists campaign

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Wind plant Fuzine because of which local referendum was held in mid-April and it almost failed- is announced as unacceptable for environment and ecology network. Intended procedure in Zvrljak location whose carrier is Company Prodomo from Rijeka is not acceptable for environment and ecology network and it breaks interest of local community so it causes significant degradation of landscape and other parts of environment- it is said in decision from the Ministry of Environmental protection and nature dated on August which came to the hands of members from fusion branch Eko Kvarner two days ago.

Representative of the branch Jadranka Zanoskar Radosevic said that they are satisfied with decision because profession won against policy, but also because of the fact that young people saw that efforts that seem hopeless are profitable.

Nobody answered the phone in investors’ office.

Professional Commission held three sessions and found a big number of criticisms to the Study of Environmental Influence, lack of variable solutions, lack of research data, inefficient or wrongly estimated influences on certain parts of nature and environment, especially bird faunas, bats and authentic wild animals- it is said in the statement.

However, bats’ sorts are very protected there, 99 sorts of birds and 98 of them is protected. Some of them are very few like honey buzzards, they would probably disappear and other would be disturbed with huge noise.

Construction of approaching roads would cause making of relatively deadly and high slopes and cuttings and big surface of forest which represents big and endangered type of habitat and surroundings environment would be exposed to cuttings- it is said.

Additional declaration of procedure carrier since 26 July 2013 didn’t made negative influence on environment and ecology network- it is said in explanation of this decision.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/CRO Green Network

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