Republika Srpska:Srpska is committed to accomplishment of obligations from Energy Community Contract

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Energy Community has not indicated in any official way that eventual sanctions in BiH i.e. Republika Srpska can happen and possibility of BiH electricity export to EU veto has been mentioned- Srpska’s Government confirmed.

Government say that Republika Srpska is committed accomplishing obligations from this contract much more that FBiH in some parts, when they were commenting statements from certain medias that BiH can meet penalties because of Energy Association from South East Europe Contract obligations non-accomplishment.

Srpska has shown readiness and capacity for transporting legal heritage of EU in their legal system”, Srpska’s Government stresses.

Government reminds that part of obligations from the Third EU Energy Package is accomplished and that regulated electricity market is established in accordance with directives that are valid for BiH at the moment.

“Activities in which existing regulative for electricity will be harmonized with requests from Third EU Energy Package by 1 January 2015 are also launched like it is predicted by Contract for Energy Association”, Government of Srpska stresses.

Srpska has done significant improvement in regulating in developing of legal frame in natural gas sector and regulating gas market.

It is stated from Government that Srpska rook over rules from gas directives within Energy Law, Gas Law and secondary regulative from Regulatory Commission for Srpska’s Energy, work rules of transmission network and general conditions for supply with natural gas adopted by Transport System Operator in Republika Srpska.

Law for gas supply insurance has been also determined and this law took over rules from 2004/67 Directive.

“We stress that Republika Srpska express completely readiness and cooperativeness in order to take over all obligations with respect to law fact that energy is responsibility of entities”, Government of Srpska says.

Energy Community that gathers EU countries, countries from South East Europe, Moldavia and Ukraine, stated that they noticed several problematic aspects in energy laws in BiH’s gas sector.

FBiH was indicated that not to have regulatory agency and no entity has appropriate rules for network tariffs, exception procedures, opening market procedures and procedures for technical regulations.

Certain medias are speculating last days that exclusion from Energy Association and sanctions, among which is the veto on electricity export from EU most drastic, threaten to BiH because of non-accomplishment of obligations from Energy Association Contract


Source; Serbia Energy See desk/RS gov