Flue Gas Desulphurization on TENT A, tender invitation for contractor by end of 2012

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The FGD project preparations are going as planed. This was also confirmed on recent visit from Japan, government representatives and companies from Japan. The meeting confirmed that the Japanese consultant firm is selected and the preparation of tender documentation will start soon. The public invitation for this project can be expected in second part of 2012, the selection of the contractor will be finished by December and works would last between 2013 and to be completed in 2016.

The construction of FGD facility on TENT A units 3,4,5 and 6 will reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide on 200mg per m3, it will be the most important and biggest environmental project in Serbia.

The value of the project is around 250 mil euros, loan from Japan with interest rate of 0,6% and with grace period of 5 years. In march last year, when the loan was agreed, Japan suffered Fukusima disaster. Despite this disaster our friends from Japan did not changed their decision. Instantly it was stated back in those days that the loan agreement stands valid despite all circumstances and that Serbia can count on agreed loan. Surelly an act which deserves great respect to our partners from Japan.

The experts are saying that the FGD project in TENT A location will be done with wet gypsum technology. It means that FGD facility will have a gypsum and residual product, yellow color and FGD related gypsum with short name ODG gypsum. The application of this gypsum in construction industry is known and widespread. What ever quantity is not sold it can be easily stored. In any case annual 400.000 tons of gypsum provides big perspective in commercial means, an opportunity which will be analysed for sure. The facility for gypsum and construction materials production could also open hundreds of new jobs in the area.

An additional benefit from this FGD facility, most important one, will be the decreased emission of hard materials in flue gases. At the moment after reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators this emission is in accordance with EU standards and its 50 mlg per m3. We will have two parallel environmental friendly processes.

2013 will also bring a tender for ESP in Morava Thermal power plant, one of the TENT CE company power gen locations.

Thermal power plant TENT A in Obrenovac is one of the four Nikola Tesla Power Plants company from Obrenovac. TENT A location is the biggest electricity producer in the Balkans.

Source: TENT CE