Good results from TPP Gacko of Republika Srpska energy company

11. February 2013. / SEE Energy News

TPP Gacko accomplished monthly plan with 101% in January, Chairman of the Company, Maksim Skoko confirmed.

According to his words, 151.276.200 kWh of electricity on the threshold was manufactured in the previous month.

Skoko estimated that good production results are accomplished because TPP had a stable work and he added that two days’ stoppage was recorded because of the boiler cleaning.

He stressed that 135.000 tons of coal, what is enough for work in the next 15 days, are on landfill at the moment.

Skoko underlined that production planned for this year is the most ambitious one in the 30 years’ work of this company. He added that planned production amounts 1.646 gWh of electricity.

He reminded that TPP Gacko produced 1.415 gWh of electricity last year what represents 99% of annual plan.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/ERS

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