Greece: Deficit on RES special account due to lower surcharges

, SEE Energy News

RES special account finished 2019 with some 50 million euros in surplus.

The Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Energy Producers (SPEF) argues that the RES special account’s deficit forecast for the end of 2020 is not the result of the global pandemic’s impact on markets, but last year’s reduction of the RES-supporting ERMEAR surcharge, which is covered by end-consumers.

According to SPEF, the RES special account deficit at the end of this year would have existed even without the consequences of the pandemic, but it would have ended the year with a narrow deficit had the ETMEAR surcharge not been reduced.

Due to increasing RES special account deficit, the Ministry of Energy is considering imposing an emergency surcharge on RES producers, but was adamant that ETMEAR surcharge will not be increased. Recent end-of-year forecast of a RES special account deficit by RES market operator DAPEEP amounts to 224.4 million euros, including a 70 million euros safety reserve, is now considered as overly optimistic and real figures will be much higher.