Greece, DESFA starts operation of the new FSU at Revythoussa

, SEE Energy News

Greek natural gas transmission system operator DESFA announced the start of operation of the new Floating Storage Unit (FSU) at its liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at Revythoussa, with the unloading of the first LNG cargo by Mytilineos.

The transfer of nearly 140,000 cubic meters of LNG to the FSU leased by DESFA from LNG shipping company Gaslog is nearing its completion with a ship-to-ship unloading process from the LNG vessel Arctic Princess.

In July, DESFA leased a floating storage unit (FSU), which is moored close to Revythoussa terminal and can boost its storage capacity by an additional 145,000 cubic meters of gas. The FSU is expected to remain there until the end of 2023, while DESFA is looking into a permanent solution that would involve the purchase of a vessel that could be connected to Revythoussa with a pipeline.

Prior to the addition of the new FSU, LNG Revythoussa facility could store 225,000 cubic meters of gas and regasify 1,400 cubic meters per hour.