Greece: Increase of coal-fired generation in December

, SEE Energy News

In the first week of December, lignite-fired power plants operated by state-controlled Public Power Corporation (PPC) have recorded increased production due to planned maintenance operations of several natural gas-fired power plants. Their operation is also favored by electricity transmission system operator ADMIE, due to positive effect on soaring wholesale electricity prices after target model’s launch in November.

For example, on 3 December, eight of ten remaining coal-fired power plants operated for a whole day, almost at full capacity. Agios Dimitrios I, III, IV and V, Kardia III and IV, Meliti and Megalopoli IV combined covered almost one third of the country’s total electricity demand, supplying over 40,000 MWh of the 139,000 MWh production on 3 December. Recently, six or seven lignite-fired power plants have been in operation on the daily basis.

Heron’s two gas-fired power plants are currently offline for maintenance works, as well as two gas units operated by Elpedison and PPC. Also, high prices in the day-ahead market forced ADMIE to request the entrance of cheaper coal-fired units.

PPC is still operating at least four lignite-fired power plants on a daily basis. These plants operate at a loss, but are needed to provide district heating services in cities in Western Macedonia and Megalopoli regions.