Greece, More than 235,000 applications for electricity bills were submitted at the online platform

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More than 235,000 applications were submitted at the online platform, where consumers can apply for rebates on the additional charges on their electricity bills.

The platform went live on 14 June, and by 20 June more than 235,000 applications were made. The rebates will amount up to 600 euros and will be applicable for electricity bills issued between December 2021 and May 2022. The rebates would amount to 60 % of the additional charges levied on those bills, after deducting any subsidies already paid by the state and electricity suppliers themselves.

The platform will remain open until 30 June 30 and customers can expect to receive the rebates into their bank account by 15 July.

According to Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), extra profit of energy suppliers in the wholesale market amounts to some 590 million euros, which the Government is planning to tax at the 90 % rate and use the proceeds to fund energy subsidy programs.