Greece: Solar project-linked bonds in plan for citizens in coal-reliant regions

, SEE Energy News

The bonds should be issued after Greek Public Power Corporation PPC secures the needed licenses for its solar projects in these regions.

PPC plans to offer solar project-linked bonds to citizens in coal-reliant regions in Western Macedonia and Megalopoli as these two regions are the country’s main suppliers of lignite and their economies are highly dependent on coal mining. PPC plans to install large-scale solar power plants in those areas with total capacity of 2.9 GW in order to support decarbonization process and economic development in these areas.

PPC will launch two post-lignite bond issues that will represent 5 % of its overall investment in solar projects in the two areas, with yields of between 6 and 7 %. Both issues will be offering bonds worth 1,000 euros each in order to make them available to a larger number of citizens.