Greece: Surplus at RES special account

, SEE Energy News

The surplus of the RES special account will reach 172 million euros at the end of the year, Greek RES market operator DAPEEP estimates.

Previously, the operator envisaged a surplus of some 117 million euros at the end of 2021. The increased RES special account surplus has been attributed to projections for even higher CO2 emission right prices during the year as well as higher day-ahead market clearing prices.

The latest estimate bases its calculations on a CO2 emissions right price average of 45 euros/ton, up from 42 euros/ton a month earlier. The day-ahead market clearing price was also increased to 58 euros/MWh from 56 euros/MWh in the previous month.

Taking into account a 70 million euros safety reserve amount deducted for security against extraordinary circumstances, the RES special account’s net surplus at the end of 2021 is forecast to reach more than 100 million euros.


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