Hungary: ALPIQ modernizes its Csepel II Power plant

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Alpiq made improvements to the Csepel II. Power Plant, which allows the establishment of the most competitive gas units. This is one of the largest power plant capacity increase, and it was done by Alpiq staff.

Alpiq managed to develop new synergy of the turbines manufacturers and maintenance companies experts in new method. After the technical and technological changes, the system operator has carried out the necessary tests and confirmed that currently the Csepel II Hungary has the largest power capacity in the country. Alpiq power plant in case of any unexpected demand, has the ability to increase within a few minutes, or even reduce its performance writes the local hungary medias.

Controllability of the plant is important because electricity is difficult to be stored so that the country’s current production and consumption must always be balanced. Hold the balance of power plants play an important role in ensuring Hungary system, as Alpiq Csepel block as well.

Within the Hungarian electricity system exist so-called secondary legislation governing the system is in charge of MAVIR. According to a national network MAVIR can very quickly, literally within minutes – increase performance and reduce power stations even to those which refuse to cooperate with system regulator. The secondary market players, such as the Csepel II also provide the flexibility of the system, and in such cases immediately to ensure the proper amount of electricity.

The parent company Alpiq Holding Switzerland is responsible for a third of the power supply. Company deals with electricity production, trading, and energy services deals. In addition Swiss Alpiq is present in 21 European countries, last year’s revenue of 9.37 billion Swiss francs. Alpin is present in Hungary since 2002, and since then has invested more than 60 billion forints.