Hungary, Drop in spot gas price on CEEEGEX to 55.32 euros per MWh on Tuesday

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The weighted average spot price of gas on the Hungarian CEEGEX stock exchange fell on Tuesday, February 14, to a new minimum this year – 55.32 euros per MWh. In the previous seven days, it continuously recorded a decrease, from 61.6 euros per MWh, which was recorded on February 8.

Two weeks ago, next-day gas prices on CEEGEX fell to around €57.2 per MWh, the lowest level in at least 14 months.

In January, the spot price of gas remained below the threshold of 77 euros per MWh and has been declining almost continuously, except in the first week of February – when it rose from 57 euros per MWh to around 61 euros per MWh.

The downward trend in the price of gas started in mid-December – thus, on December 14, 2022, gas was traded for 128.55 euros per MWh, and in the first days of January, the price dropped to 70.8 euros per MWh.

Trading volume on the day-ahead market has fluctuated significantly over the past seven days, ranging from 48,000 MWh on Tuesday to 109,000 MWh in the middle of last week.

The last intraday market transactions on CEEGEX were realized on February 14 at an average weighted price of around 54 euros per MWh.

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