Hungary, Drop in spot gas price on CEEGEX to 57.2 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

The weighted average day-ahead gas spot price on the Hungarian gas exchange CEEGEX was reduced from 68.3 euros per MWh on January 24 to 57.2 euros per MWh in the previous three days.

The average weekly price in the period from January 24 to 30 is 60.8 euros per MWh.

In January, the spot price did not exceed the threshold of 77 euros per MWh and has been declining almost continuously.

This trend started from the middle of last month – on December 14, gas was traded for 128.55 euros per MWh, and in the first days of January the price dropped to 70.8 euros per MWh.

Trade volume has seen considerable variation over the past seven days, ranging from nearly 65,000 MWh over the weekend to 103,000 MWh on Tuesday.

The average weighted price for intraday delivery on January 29, when the last transactions were recorded, was EUR 60 per MWh. Previously, this segment was traded at a price of 60.2 euros per MWh on January 27.

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