Hungary: First RES tender selected 71 solar bids

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The Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) published the final results of the procurement round that was launched last October. A total of 72 projects were selected, with the only exception to solar being a proposal for a 500 kW landfill gas power plant. The combined value of the winning projects stands at around 112 million euros. Hungary will sign contracts with the developers of 71 solar projects following the country’s first technology-neutral renewables tender.

The selection of the 72 winning projects was made across two capacity categories. The first one is for smaller projects, of between 300 kW and 1 MW, in which 61 project were selected, while the other 11 are projects are in the second category – between 1 MW and 20 MW. Bidding prices fell as low as 0.059 euros/kWh in the small systems category. The lowest bid for large-scale installations, of 0.056 euros/kWh, was submitted for a 20 MW solar power plant. The tender was capped at 0.072 euros/kWh.
Winners will be awarded 15-year premium payments on top of the wholesale price. The total amount of annual subsidies for these 72 projects is estimated at 630,000 euros.