Hungary: Gas price on CEEGEX DAM – 44.5 euros/MWh on Sunday

, SEE Energy News

The weighted average spot price on the day-ahead market of the Hungarian gas exchange CEEGEX on Sunday, April 16, amounted to 44.52 euros/MWh, registering a slight decrease compared to the previous day, from 44.6 euros/MWh.
In the previous week, the highest spot price on CEEGEX was recorded on April 10 – 46.95 euros per MWh.
The last transactions on within the day segment were registered on April 15, at an average price of 45.5 euros/MWh.
On the European market, TTF index for May stood at 41.15 euros/MWh on Friday, while the price for Q3 2023 reached 43.4 euros/MWh. CAL 24 reached 56.1 euros/MWh.

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