Hungary: Gov changes the electricity price with max tariffs rates

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According to the third gov decision which decreased the electricity price, Minister for National Development Regulation amended the Regulation on universal service for electricity pricing, which set the maximum current tariff rates applied by service providers as of September 2014.

The third reduction law passed in February, stated that the current retail price of 2014 is to be decreased for 5.7 percent from September. In 2013 the retail price of electricity changed in two stages: at the beginning of year 10%, and in November fell for 11.1%.

Hungarian Official Gazette separately shows the maximum rates of tariffs for universal services. For example, the 1320 residential kilowatt hours / year per kilowatt-hour for a maximum of 14.57 HUF at DEMASZ EDF, E.ON Energy Services Ltd. 13.71 HUF, the ELMU  Plc 14.43 HUF.

Other retail tariffs remained unchanged, fees of non-household customers remained same.