Hungary: Gov may merge all public utilities into a state controlled Holding

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The electricity, gas and district heating public services companies might be reorganized under government decision into a holding company. The government wants to organize them as part of the public service system based on holding company – the government’s decision on this topic appeared in the Hungarian Official Gazette.

In a decision released on August 15 The PM Cabinet, has established a working group to assess this idea. This team should prepare the draft legislation for the transformation of electricity, gas and district heating companies into to a public company organized group.

Working team should develop the recommendations to PM about a single utility company of the Group, as well as property rights and general regulatory powers on public services over the central data processing company. Team should include advises to PM on key topics of national energy sector development, models to ensure security of energy supply, price control platforms, and tasks related to public services procurements.

The President of the Hungarian Energy and Utilities Regulatory Office was asked to assist the working group. According to the law all utility services sectors must be examined, waste management, water utility services, chimney sweeping services, district heating, electrical energy, gas supply.

The government decision stipulated that report is to be submited by 15 September.

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