Hungary, High interest in the third METAR tender

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The Hungarian Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Office (MEKH) said that it received offers for 1,009 GWh of electricity generated from renewable resources at a tender for feed-in tariffs available for 300 GWh.

The offers were submitted within the third METAR feed-in tariff framework from 1 July until 20 July. Most of the offers were for solar projects, but there was also one for a 0.5 MW power plant fueled by landfill gas. The combined capacity of the power plants in the offers is 629 MW. The weighted average offer price was 0.052 euros/ kWh.

At the previous METAR tender, held in 2020, the average weighted offer price was 0.06 euros/kWh. The feed-in tariffs are available in two categories: for power plants with capacity under 1 MW with electricity generation of up to 50 GWh per year, and for power plants with capacity up to 20 MW with annual electricity generation of up to 250 GWh.

MEKH Chairman Peter Horvath said the offer prices are better than last year despite the smaller power plant size and the increased market uncertainties, reflecting the development of solar panel technology. Comparing these prices with the previous two feed-in tariff tenders, the third METAR tender is likely to result in a further price
reduction even from last year’s very low prices.

Tender winners are expected to be announced in October or November.