Hungary, ID Energy and LAFARGE signed corporate PPA for 26 MW solar power plant

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ID Energy Group will be developing, building and operating the project located on and around the premises of LAFARGE’s factory in Kiralyegyhaza, Hungary. LAFARGE will purchase the generated electricity at a fixed price for 15 years. The size of the solar power plant makes it one of the first and biggest private power purchase agreements (PPA) to be successfully concluded in the country.

The factory is located in one of the best solar irradiation regions close to the city of Pecs in the south of Hungary. Upon commissioning, LAFARGE Cement Hungary will have the opportunity to secure a third of its total electricity consumption from the solar power plant, as part of Holcim group’s goals for renewable energy adoption and greenhouse gas emission reduction.

The project, developed by ID Energy Group together with Voltrack Holding is planned to achieve the required permits in 2023 and reach commercial operation by the beginning of 2024.

The total investment of more than 16 million euros will not only be stimulating the involved local businesses but also benefiting the local community of Kiraslyegyhaza during its more than 40-year expected lifetime.

According to Francesco Cortesi, General Manager of Hungary and Southeast Europe at ID Energy Group, this PPA is the first step in fulfilling the company’s target to become one of the main suppliers of clean energy for industrial clients in Hungary and southeastern Europe. With the currently observed climate change impact on the planet, the industrial energy consumers will have no other option than to switch to renewable energy sooner than later, which also provides security for those consumers against any future fluctuation of the electricity prices such as what we are experiencing nowadays.

Since it was founded in 2008, ID Energy Group, a corporate group specializing in photovoltaic energy, has grown both in Spain and further afield, and is now one of the most important players in the renewable energy sector. It now has more than 130 employees and a strong international presence, with offices in Spain, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, and Serbia.

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