Hungary, OMV will be forced to temporarily close its petrol stations

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After Austrian OMV announced a mechanical incident at its Schwechat refinery, Hungarian media reported that OMV will be forced to temporarily close its petrol stations in Hungary and Slovakia due to lack of fuel.

OMV denied these reports, adding that the closure of petrol stations in Hungary or any other country is not planned and it is doing its utmost to maintain supplies, adding that its own product stock and the release of Austrian fuel reserves will enable the company to establish alternative supply flows.

The company said that it is currently working on new supply options between OMV refineries and within its storage network, while also evaluating various mitigation options with its partners. All these measures concern finished and semi-finished products and serve to maintain the security of supply.

Due to fuel price caps introduced by the Government, many foreign suppliers stopped importing fuel to Hungary, with Austrian OMV being the only company (besides local MOL) to maintain supplies to the country. OMV has the 17- 19 % share in Hungarian petrol market and 13-15 % share in diesel market.

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