Hungary: Record solar output on Saturday

, SEE Energy News

Electricity generation by large-scale solar power plants on Saturday, 22 April, set the absolute record at 2,541 MW at noon, according to data published by the Hungarian electricity transmission system operator MAVIR. Ministry of Energy announced that the steady increase in installed capacity has led to a new solar peak every month since February 2023.

Large-scale solar power plants reached the new record with about 88% of their current total installed capacity of 2,869 MW. Renewables accounted for 71.5% of the quarterly average electricity consumption, of which solar was accounted for more than two-thirds.

As a result of increasing solar electricity generation, Hungary is increasingly and frequently becoming a major net exporter of electricity. The Hungarian Government has long-term plans to increase the country’s electricity generation from solar energy, while reducing energy imports and increasing reliance on domestic renewable energy sources. The development of the sector is essential not only to combat climate change and to reinforce the importance of sustainable energy sources, but also to serve the country’s economic interests.

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