Hungary: The price of gas on the CEEGEX exchange dropped to 38.3 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

The average weighted price of natural gas on the day-ahead market of the Hungarian gas exchange CEEGEX fell for the weekend (May 5-6) to 38.33 euros per MWh. This is about 1 to 4 euros less compared to the working week when it ranged from about 40 to 42 euros per MWh.

The day before, the price of gas on CEEGEX recorded an almost continuous decline since mid-December last year – on December 14, gas was traded for 128.5 euros per MWh, and in the first days of January, the price dropped to 70.8 euros per MWh.

On the CEEGEX within-day market, the last transactions were recorded on May 4, and the price ranged from 38.6 to 39.6 euros per MWh.

June futures on the TTF exchange fell by 2% on Friday to 35.85 euros per MWh, while the price for the third quarter was 37.75 euros per MWh. CAL 24 reached 55.9 euros per MWh.

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