SEE region: Spot electricity prices ranged 87 – 119 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

Electricity prices in Europe fell in the last week of April in all markets except Portugal, thanks to large production from renewable sources and lower consumption. Several European markets even recorded negative prices on April 30 due to large solar energy production and a drop in consumption.

In Southeast Europe, Bulgaria recorded a drop in the weekly electricity price by 14%. Electricity prices in the region ranged between 87 and 119 euros per MWh, with the wholesale price being the lowest in Romania – 86.9 euros per MWh. Bulgaria follows with 87.1 euros per MWh.

The Italian market was the most expensive in Europe in the 17th week at 119.5 euros per MWh, despite falling by 14% compared to the previous week. Greece recorded a price drop of 8% compared to week 16, to 113.4 euros per MWh.

The average weekly prices in Central Europe also declined and remained below the 100 euros per MWh threshold, thanks to wind production. France recorded the lowest price of electricity at 79.6 euros per MWh, while Switzerland had the highest price – 96.1 euros per MWh.

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