Hungary: Third RES auction launched

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In the first pilot auction held in March 2020, Hungarian Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Office -MEKH awarded almost all the 131.9 MW capacity to solar projects. The final average price was 0.069 euros/kWh in the first category and 0.06 euros/kWh in the second. The lowest bid of 0.056 euros/kWh was submitted for a 20 MW solar plant.

MEKH announced its third tender for feed-in tariffs for energy generated from renewable resources. Offers will be accepted within the METAR feed-in tariff framework from 1 July until 30 July 2021.

The feed-in tariffs are available in two categories: for power plants with capacity under 1 MW and production of up to 50 GWh of electricity a year, and for power plants with capacity up to 20 MW and production of up to 250 GWh of electricity per year.

MEKH Chairman Peter Horvath said an annual 1.25 million euros of support for the generation of up to 300 GWh of electricity is available under the third METAR tender. He added that support awarded in the first two tenders resulted in an annual 536 GWh of electricity generation using renewable resources, enough to power 250,000 homes a year. In the second auction, which was finalized in February, the lowest bid came in at 0.045 euros/kWh. For installations between 300 kW and 1 MW, final prices varied from 0.058 euros/kWh to 0.064 euros/kWh, while in the group including projects ranging in size from 1 MW to 49.9 MW, final prices ranged from 0.045 euros/kWh to 0.05 euros/kWh. The average final price in the first category was 0.062 euros/kWh while, in the second one it was 0.048 euros/kWh.