Hydrological conditions will influence electricity prices in “Elektroprivreda” of Bosnian Croatian energy company “Herceg-Bosna”

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If hydrological conditions are good in 2013, and I hope that they will be, and if business results are satisfying, we will not be forced to ask for new tariff electricity price increase procedure, Director of “Elektroprivreda” of Croatian Association “Herceg-Bosna” Nikola Krešić said.

If that happens, EPHZHB will suggest placing burden equally to all buyers in accordance with their possibilities.

Although electricity price has already risen once in 2012, price increase was announced from “Elektroprivreda” from Mostar, last year. They said that reason for that is adjustment to world electricity prices trends and corporation’s expenses.

Business results of PC “Elektroprivreda HZHB” won’t be positive in 2012, although company decreased all possible expenses- Krešić said when he was talking about business results last year.

– Total amount of production from our power plants was 57% of planned production because of extremely bad hydrological opportunities in the first six months of the last year, especially in January and February. We got the rest of electricity on market at much higher prices what negatively influenced business- Krešić said.

The biggest electricity consumer in region supplied by “Elektroprivreda HZHB” is “Aluminij” from Mostar and Directive of this corporation indicated several times that production has to be decreased because of high electricity price.

There are no problems with “Aluminij” electricity supply and the only problem is price which participates to a large degree in aluminum production, Krešić stressed.

– “Aluminij” is qualified buyer, but it used its opportunity and chose PC “Elektroprivreda”, dd Mostar,  for supplier this year, so we signed sales agreement for 2013, too”- Director of EPHZHB said.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine