Krsmanovic meet U.S. Ambassador Patrick Moon in Foca, river Drina hydro-development opportunity for the whole Balkan

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U.S. Ambassador to BiH Patrick Moon visited Foca municipality and meet President of NGO Euroregion Drina, Zdravko Krsmanovic, Bosnian news agencies reported.

“I am glad that the U.S. ambassador visited the headquarters of Euroregion Drina, where we talked about the vast hydroelectric potential of the Drina River and its tributaries, which provides a development opportunity for the whole Balkan region, but in a way that all water users and interested citizens should be involved into the decisions and express their needs through the design phase, so that all future major capital investments observed integrally not only for energy and in the interest of a few individuals at the expense of the public good and public interest,  said Krsmanovic after the meeting.

He added that an announcement on a big conference in second part of january on the hydroelectric potential of the river Drina and development projects and concluded that this potential should bring economic recovery and prosperity of the entire region.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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