Good start of Serbia Danube river HPPs

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Both Danube’s hydro power plants “Djerdap 1” and “Djerdap 2” successfully began realization of its production of electricity for this year. They produced 110million KWH of electricity more than, so called, dynamical plan, thanks to very beneficial Danube’s inflows for this period of the year of 6.000 cubic meters of water per second and high driving readiness.

HPP “Djerdap 1”, which produces 80% of Co HPP Djerdap‘s plan, produced 254 instead of 165million KWH planned for the first half of January. That surpassed plans for 54%, i.e. 75% of planned production for the first month has been already realized.

HPP “Djerdap 2” has also significantly surpassed production plan for the first 15 days of 2013, for about 50%. It produced 75million KWH of electricity instead of planned 53 what realized January production for 70% of the plan.

The fact that good Danube’s 6.000 cubic of water inflows continues is encouraged , so good daily production of both Djerdap’s hydro power plants is expected. “Djerdap 1” is expected to produce 17 and “Djerdap 2” about 5million KWH of electricity.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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