Macedonia: Akso Energy Turkey and CPL Concordia Italy in race for gasification of Skolje

, SEE Energy News

Turkish company “Akso Enerji” and “CPL Concordia” from Italy are the only companies that have met the required criteria in the tender for the gasification of Skopje.

Gasification project envisages a public-private partnership with the state in the financing, design, construction, operation, maintenance and development of the distribution system for the natural gas transmission in the Skopje region.

“Akso Enerji” is the largest private distributor of natural gas in Turkey, with more than half a million users. The company is a distributor and manufacturer of electric energy.

“CPL Concordia” is a multinational group which has 1,600 employees and 80 companies and offices. It distributes 45 million cubic meters of natural and liquefied gas in 135 cities and municipalitiesannually, and it has 185,000 users.
It is expected that a contractor selection will be completed in September. Company that would win the tender should construct 250 kilometers of the primary and secondary distribution network for the natural gas and to invest in the setting up connections to end users.

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