Montenegro: Impact of new TPP Pljevlja 2 unit, electricity surplus for export

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Along with ongoing project of selection of the JV partner for construction of new unit in Thermal power plant Pljevlja, gov bodies developed new electricity balances projection for 2013-2016 which considers not only consumption of biggest users but also the projections of the electricity which may come from the new unit. Coal reserves are secured for the supply to the new unit and Power utility of Montenegro expects new unit soon on the grid.

Balance of electricity for 2013 predicted the total consumption in the country to be 3.620GWh. In this consumption projected share for Alluminum company KAP is around 736Gwh ie 84MW. On the other hand total production is planed on the level of 3.470Gwh. The production plan is developed in accordance with the expectations of average amount of rains and this year it is expected to be over that level. This means that energy system of Montenegro has a lack of 150Gwh or 4%.

With new unit in TPP Pljevlja, together with joint production of both units, there would be a surplus of electricity. In 2017 after the completion of project TPP Pljevlja II it is estimated that the total production of electricity would be 4.800 Gwh ( in comparison with 2013 TPP Pljevlja II would insert additional 1400 Gwh, plus wind parks electricity production of 200Gwh) while the consumption would be 3.700Gwh.

Total surplus of electricity will be 1.100Gwh and means a solid starting position of the country after the expected completion of underwater power cable with Italy which will be used for electricity exports.

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