Macedonia, Construction of 400/110 kV substation in Ohrid has started

, SEE Energy News

The Government of North Macedonia announced that the construction of 400/110 kV substation in Ohrid has started, which marks the first step in the construction of the country’s first electricity interconnection with neighboring Albania, a project worth around 50 million euros.

CEO of electricity transmission system operator MEPSO Kushtrim Ramadani said that Croatian company Koncar has been contracted for the construction of the substation. The agreement has been signed in January 2020 and is worth some 14.3 million euros.

Following the launch of the substation construction, the construction of 400 kV transmission line to Elbasan is expected to start as well, which will be built by Bosnian company Energoinvest. The interconnection is expected to be completed in 2023.

MEPSO is in charge of the construction of the Macedonian section of 400 kV transmission line Bitola-Elbasan between Macedonia and Albania, which would be the first interconnection between the two countries. Total cost of the project (Macedonian side) is estimated at 48 million euros. This project is a part of the European Commission’s initiative to establish electricity transmission corridor between Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Italy, which also includes the construction of submarine DC cable between Montenegro and Italy. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) secured financing for the project back in 2015 – a grant worth 12 million euros and a 36 million euros loan.