Macedonia: Construction of two small hydro power plants

, SEE Energy News

Tose Georgiev, head of Local Economic Development Department at Stip municipality, announced that two small hydropower plants (SHPP) will be built on Bregalnica river on the territory of this municipality.

Georgiev added that feasibility studies have already been made and that two locations have been chosen: the confluence of river Otinja to river Bregalnica and the other location is near the city stadium. He explained that small accumulations will be formed at these two locations which will also increase flood protection.

The project for the construction of two SHPPs on Bregalnica river was approved today by the members of the Council of Stip municipality.

In late December 2015, Macedonian former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said that 35 small hydropower plants have already been put in operation in 2015, while another 15 should be completed in 2016, adding that total investment in SHPPs in Macedonia reached 130 million euros so far, transmits

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