Macedonia: Consultancy tender for prefeasibility study for new TPP Negotino 2

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The new study show shat using coal from the Negotino coal mine would be economically justified for the construction of new coal fired power plant Negotino which could have annual production of 2.000 Gwh with coal reserves for next 30 years.

Macedonian power utility ELEM announced an invitation for the bidders for prefeasibility study for new power plant TPP Negotino 2. ELEM restarted the old idea for new TPP which could be built just next to existing one. The study should answer the questions on financial feasibility of coal usage for new TPP with planed production of 2000GWh and 30 year cycle of production.

The analysis should contain the general informations about the location of future power generation facility with planed 300MW. Timeframe for preparation of this prefeasibility study is 6 months with budget of 50.000 Eur. The analysis should also include an analysis of coal production and supply to TPP, with needed capacity of 2 million tons per year which is foreseen to be produced by surface and underground pits.

ELEM reminds that they already developed in 2010 the feasibility study for coal exploitation in Negotino mines. This study provides the baseline parameters for determination of needed coal mine supply for new TPP Negotino 2.

ELEM earlier completed the analysis of cost effectiveness for the transport of coal from deposits of Negotino to TPP Bitola and TPP Oslomej. This analysis showed tha the transportation to these two TPPs would be economically unjustified due to the high transport costs.

Therefore the consultant should determine the optimal location of new TPP Negotino 2 taking into account the area characteristics for the planed new mine site including the factors such as coal transport and connections with national grid. The consultant should determine the electricity price for the entire life cycle of 30 years which should be compared with existing production rates from other facilities of ELEM.

Study have to include the basic analysis of environment impact and consider all national and EU directives and regulations specially LCD-IED directives.

Earlier estimated costs were set on 400MEUR.

Existing TPP Negotino is only used during the winter periods, it is the third largest power capacity in Macedonia 37 years old. TPP Negotino has installed capacity of 210MW. Being a cold reserve the plant needs 24h to start operating. The last time TPP Negotino produced electricity was back in 2009, transmits

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