Macedonia: Electricity market liberalization, households to choose suppliers

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More than 600 thousand households and more than 60 thousand small companies should say by November 15th from whom will buy electricity.With third phase of the electricity market liberalization will begin from January 1st, 2015th and it will include all citizens. Here is what provides the Rules of Energy Regulatory Commission.

Everyone will need to make an agreement for the electricity supply with one of the ten companies that have got the license to operate from the Energy Regulatory Commission.

The households that do not sign an agreement will be excluded from the power system, but will continue to supply with electricity from the so-called end supplier, or from EVN, which has a license for this activity.

But, they are obliged to sign a supply agreement also no later than November 15th.

Where will the citizens apply if they want to go out at open market, what will be the price, until when it will have this price of electricity, whether the licensed company for electricity sale guarantee the security of electricity supply –that is just part of the question on which the Energy Regulatory Commission of Macedonia remains silent.

So far, only in the Official Gazette in July were published amendments in the Rules for the electricity supply which is determined by the final deadline for the supplier selection – November 15th this year, but lacks further explanation of what will happen in the second half of November.

Otherwise, the operator of the adequate system for electricity supply and supplier are required to provide the level of electricity quality and supply services with electricity energy in accordance with Grid Code. If the quality of the supplied electricity was not at satisfactory level and of lower quality than the established in the legislation, the c consumer has the right to compensation for damages. Small companies will also come out on the market but they will certainly get cheaper electricity.

EVN Macedonia is concentrated towards its users. 70% of companies or two-thirds of those who decided to stay in EVN in the second phase of liberalization, already have up to 40% of reduction in price, says Niko Berberu, director of EVN Supply.

For now the price for households will remain same at least until mid-2015th. The price of electricity, which EVN will sell, as a leastways supplier, it will be regulated by the Energy Regulatory Commission. The electricity price which will sell other companies will depend on the situation on the foreign exchanges.

The second liberalization phase started from April 1st has included large companies. They have received smaller electricity bills by 20-30%.