Macedonia: ELEM power utility to increase capacity of wind park Bogdanci due to drop in conventional electricity production output

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Total electricity production in Macedonia in March 2016 amounted to 406.8 GWh, which is 27.4 % less than planned (560.3 GWh), and also 21.33 % less compared to the same period in 2015. Electricity generation in hydropower plants was accounted for the 36.95 % of the total sum and amounted to 150.3 GWh, which is 13.9 % more than planned for this month. Thermal power plants produced 61.11 % of the electricity (248.6 GWh), which is 40.6 % less than planned. The remaining 7.9 GWh or 1.94 % was produced by Bogdanci wind farm.

Macedonian power utility ELEM announced that due to positive experience with wind power, the company is planning to expand its current wind power capacities by additional 13 MW to a total of 50 MW.

Since the start of its operation on 2 April 2014, wind farm Bogdanci has produced 217,332 MWh of electricity. According to the data from ELEM, wind farm has produced 120,768 MWh of electricity in 2015, which is 26.4 % more than planned for that period.

The statement from the company said that it is solid result given the fact that annual production plan envisaged about 100,000 MWh of electricity, adding that 2015 was the first full calendar year in which electricity produced by wind farm was supplied to the system. The projected annual production of this 38.4 MW wind farm is about 100,000 MWh, which is almost enough to cover the consumption of nearby towns Gevgelija, Dojran and Bogdanci.

Currently, Bogdanci wind farm has 16 wind tur-bines with the power output of 2.3 MW each, which makes a total of 36.8 MW. ELEM announced that it is planning to start the second phase of the project, which envisages the expansion by additional 13 MW, but it did not specify when it will happen, transmits

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