Macedonia: Energy company ELEM claim HPPs Boskov Most & Lukovo Pole in accordance with the environmental standards

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“Macedonian Power Plants” are at the stage of preparatory work for the start of project realization of two hydro power plants “Boskov Most” and “Lukovo Pole”. The buildings will be constructed in accordance with international standards and policies of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The World Bank has undertaken a number of activities in order to determine the impact of these energy facilities on the environment, it was announced from the company ELEM.

The Environment impact assessment Study has been drafted for “Boskov Most” in accordance with the strict EU directives. All preliminary works, as part of the obligations arising from the Action Plan for Environmental Protection, have been conducted in the last two years.

According to ELEM, all activities are carried out with respect to the dynamics in accordance with national legislation and the rules of the EBRD. The environmental monitoring on the territory of the future plant was completed in 2012th and 2013th, and additional measures to prevent and minimize the negative impacts of the project will be adopted.

Currently are implemented activities in defining priorities for biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of natural resources.

From the company states that the reports regarding the activities for the implementation of impact study would be submitted to all relevant institutions and stakeholders, in line with the recommendations of EBRD and the recommendations arising from the Action Plan for Environmental Protection. Expert teams currently conduct intensive activities that are in full compliance with the requirements of stakeholders, such as NGOs, local residents, association and authorities.

As for the object “Lukovo Pole”, the final activities for the development of impact assessment study are underway, on which work the world renowned companies from France and it is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2015th. Following the publication of studies, public hearings will be held for interested parties. The document is translated on the Greek and Albanian because these two countries are registered to participate in the public hearing. The study will be explained in detail, taking all the above activities planned for the plants building, which will have an impact on the environment and biodiversity, and then will be presented the measures to minimize these impacts.

In cooperation with the EBRD, the World Bank and the relevant institutions in the country, ELEM is dedicated to the realization of these important energy facilities, in accordance with international guidelines for environmental protection. The company will be open for cooperation with all institutions and stakeholders on matters relating to the current and future projects “Boskov Most” and “Lukovo Pole”.