Macedonia: New ELEM HPP goes forward in construction, environmental NGOs and community claims against

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HPP “Lukovo pole” does not endanger River Radika.  HPP “Lukovo pole” which includes construction of the dam and accumulation with total capacity of 39 million cubic meters of water which will be located at the mountain massive Korab on the border between Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo at 1.500 m oversea height won’t endanger watercourses in River Radika- it is claimed from the power utility company in Macedonia (ELEM). Municipal Council of Dabar expressed concern that this hydro power accumulation will endanger river and the whole region.

ELEM says that statements that everyone will remain without water because of accumulation on Radika River are false because accumulation will collect water from Korab Mountain. Therefore, the construction of the 20 km long channel is predicted in the scope of the project i.e. water supply and two tunnels that will bring water from Korab. Construction of small HPP “Crn Kamen” with installed possibility of 5 MW is planned to be 3 km downstream from the dam. Less than 3% of its inflows will be contained from the Radika River.

ELEM says that they will get additional amounts of water from Korab because of this complex energy object that will cost 62 million EUR and these additional amounts will increase production of electricity in the scope of existing Mavrovo’s HPPs “Vrutok”, “Raven” and “Vrben”, with additional 159 GWH of electricity yearly. This will decrease dependence of the country from electricity import, increase renewable energy participation in total electricity production and reduce emission of harmful gas of conventional energy.

Creation of the study of the environmental estimation and influence created by renowned foreign company that has many years’ experience is arranged before construction activities that will determine how and in which amount this project can influence environment of this area.


Source; ELEM/Serbia Energy See desk