Croatia: HEP strikes back to competitors RWE and GEN-I, new households price decrease request submitted to regulator for approval

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Request is based on estimation of electricity production expenses. Croatian Electric Power Utility sent a request to HERA where it asks for production component of electricity price decrease by 10% in category of households. That means if HERA accepts a request from HEP, the final price for buyers in the category of households will be lower by 7% approximately- it is explained in HEP.

The request for price correction is base on use of formula for electricity production expenses’ calculation in the first semester of this year and expenses estimation in 2013 and in accordance with rules determined by Tariff System for Electricity Production. For example, decrease of total monthly account for electricity in households with one tariff model (‘blue’) with annual production of 2.000 KWH will amount 6,3%. Amount of total decrease of monthly bill for electricity in households with two tariff model (white) will have ratio of 65:35% with annual consumption of 3.500 KWH will amount 6,1%. After HERA answer the request, HEP will report public for the future height of tariff items for electricity production and launching use of new prices for households. HERA will intend to analyze HEP’s request as soon as possible and according to current laws, Steering Council should declare in 30 days’ deadline.

Source;HEP/Serbia Energy See desk