Macedonia: Power utility ELEM HPPs accumulation ready for water level increase

, SEE Energy News

The intensive precipitation within the last few days, that has affected Macedonia, has had a significant impact on the level of water in the artificial reservoirs used for electricity generation. In AD ELEM, it has been confirmed that there is enough room for accepting the flow increase due to the future precipitation expected within the following period.

The company stresses that all existing reservoirs from which electricity is generated have enough room for accepting new quantities of water expected during winter.

– Our competent services have been monitoring the situation carefully and continuously and optimizing the production in accordance with the weather conditions and the needs of the electric power system. Yesterday, two HPPs, “Kozjak“ and “Sveta Petka“ were turned off for prevention purposes, thereby preventing a further increase in the level of water in the river Vardar – it was emphasized in ELEM.