Modernization cycle of “Drina-Lim Hydro Power Plant”, interview with new MD

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– The equipment is coming soon, and people who will receive that equipment must have vast knowledge to be able to receive what someone else produces. Without it, everything is a pig in a poke – says engineer Mijodrag Čitaković, the Director of PD “Drina-Lim Hydro Power Plant”

Minister Zorana Mihajlović stopped the work of the fourth power unit lightly pressing the button on October 9th last year, and marked the end of the beginning of revitalization of the hydro power plant “Bajina Bašta”. This marked the beginning of the work on the final power unit of this “Power factory”. Huge  job, huge investment. But, as the engineer Mijodrag Čitaković, the director of PD „Drina-Lim Hydro Power Plant“, has announced, it will be a great benefit as well.

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