Montenegro: Accumulation of Brodarevo HPPs damn on Lim river will have cross border influence to Bijelo Polje, says NGO Balkans regional association Euromost

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NGO “Euromost” has submitted complaints on the study of HPPs on Lim river environmental influence estimation to the Environment Agency of Montenegro. One of complaints is that one accumulation will intrude Montenegrin territory. Serbia Lim river HPPs Brodarevo are the investment project of Canadian REV company which faces severe local community opposition which recently expanded to the region under the cross border influence effect.

Original environmental study was delivered to Montenegrin Government by Serbian Government last month, and the document was given to the public insight. Expert commission that should give its opinion to the study was also formed.

HPP Brodarevo 1 intrudes the Montenegrin territory the most i.e. Bijelo Polje territory- it was stated in the letter based on documentation about making the urban plan for HPPs construction needs.

HPPs Brodarevo 1 and Brodarevo 2 are being constructed in boarder area toward Montenegro what obligates the construction of environmental influence study in cross boarder influence context, but it is absent in this concrete situation.
Serbia has broken the international obligation of including the Montenegro and its public to environmental influence estimation project within its Ministry of Environment.

-The study delivered to Montenegro doesn’t observe Montenegrin territory at all or negative and any other influences of HPPs on Montenegro. This is the consequence of the fact the study was not determined with the law that should contain the part about influences on Montenegro, so it is not qualified for opinions from Montenegro- it is believed in Euromost.

This NGO suggested to Agency to make decision for determining the Serbian procedure to be illegal and confronted to standards from ESPOO and Arhur Convention because Serbia had not reported Montenegro about procedure of environmental influence estimation in the legally planned term.

-The study is not worth of expert opinions about influence of these objects to Montenegro because it doesn’t contain this subject. Therefore, Serbia is asked to cancel the project and to return it to beginning phase because of these reasons, so Montenegrin public can involve in the procedure of influence estimation- it is stated in the letter.

Complaints initiative is supported by large number of local regional NGOs which obtained the EU level environmental circles support.
It was not possible to obtain the opinion from REV company on recent events in Montenegro.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/Agencies/Euromost press release submitted to Serbia Energy