Montenegro: Aluminum company KAP uses electricity from the region?

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Montenegro Aluminum company is being supplied from the reservoirs of surrounding systems since EPCG stopped to deliver electricity to the company.

“Amount of electricity required for covering rebalance is being provided from surrounding systems producer’s reservoirs because Montegrin transmission network is the part of European transmission network”- it is stated in Dan and added that this means that KAP spends electricity he should pay to the regional system?

“Considering that Montenegro TSO company CGES is in charge for energy transport and rebalance registration, which producer is responsible for KAP is not précised because of system complexity. Who gave electricity to KAP and in which amount is being recorded on measuring spots” Radio Antena M reported when it called on CGES sources.

Montenegro power utility EPSCG supplied KAP with electricity since 1 October last year, and after that national Montenegrobonus took over its part. Montenegrobouns supplied the factory until 1 January.

KAP consumes electricity illegally since the beginning of this year. This is 93.000 EUR daily expenses for citizens. CGES appealed again for the problem to be solved as soon as possible.

Montenegrin Parliament won’t discuss the proposal of the Government for resolving Aluminum Combine question like it was planned earlier.

Presidents’ collegiate expressed dissatisfaction because of postponing the parliament’s discussion because it estimated that problems are in factory have such nature that we can’t wait for their resolving.

President of factory syndicate, Rade Krivokapis estimated that decision about putting political questions in front of economy shows “how much politicians are concerned for citizens”

Montenegrin Government suggested earlier that state should take over some actions of KAP’s owner from Russia, as well as debts for unpaid electricity and that Central European Aluminum Company (CEAC) should withdraw from the factory.

The part of opposition and Social Democracy Party are against this.

KAP Directory has told to MPs that KAP will be closed if the Government’s proposal is not accepted. Re-oppositions and SDP are asking the purchase contract with Russians to be terminated.

Source;Serbia Energy See desk/Dan/Antena/Agencies